Carrot and coriander soup

Carrot and coriander soup

What you will need;

  • x2 packets of carrot seeds, an early variety (it will say that on the packet).
  • x1 bag of horticultural sand.
  • x1 packet of coriander seeds.


The easiest and quickest carrots to grow are early varieties. To grow nice, long carrots, lots of sand should be dug into the bed in which you want to sow them, and any large stones removed. A fine, crumbly textured soil is ideal! If your soil is really heavy and sticky, you are best growing them in a large container.

At the end of April, make shallow *drills in your soil about 1cm deep and 15cm apart using a cane or stick. Very carefully sow your seeds down the *drill. Try and sow them as thinly and evenly spaced as possible. This can be tricky as the seeds are tiny! Once you have done this, cover back up with soil, water then label.

Once the leaves start to show, *thin your seedlings so there is a space of 5cm between each new plant. The space between each row of carrots needs to be kept weeded and well watered, not enough water will make woody carrots.

You can start harvesting your crop from June onwards, or as soon as you think they are big enough to eat.

Carrot Fly is a pest that loves the smell of carrots! To protect your crop try and do your thinning out and harvesting on an evening when the Carrot Fly are sleeping! You can also plant things like onions next to your carrots to confuse the flies by disguising the juicy carrot smell.


Coriander loves the sunshine, and well-drained soil. So, like carrots, add sand to your soil or grow in large deep pots.  Sow your seeds in the same way as your carrots and try to leave a 4cm gap between each seed. Cover, water then label.

Coriander is a very short lived plant, and once it has flowered it is really no good to eat. So, remove flower heads as soon as you see them and sow new seeds every 3 weeks to give you a continuous supply of delicious green foliage over the Summer months.

Harvest both the stem and leaves as and when you need them. The stems are a little crunchy but jut as tasty!