Bring the indoors outside: linking your home and garden

Bring the indoors outside: linking your home and garden

Style your garden and home for outdoor enjoyment

There’s so much enjoyment that can be taken from sitting outside over the summer (or whenever you’re feeling brave enough!). In a generally colder climate like here in the UK, our houses are built to keep out bad weather, rather than welcome in summery views and cooling breezes. This means we tend to see our homes and gardens as quite separate entities for most of the year, but with a bit of careful planning it doesn’t have to be this way! Linking your home and garden thematically gives a pleasing, consistent effect, and it can be achieved quite easily. Here are my top four ideas for bringing the indoors… outdoors!

Design from Love Your Garden

Accessorise!: We take lots of care with the accessories and accents we purchase to add interest and personality to our homes, so why not put the same thought into decorating your garden? I’m not just talking about garden gnomes and wind chimes. Home stores have great supplies of garden decorations that can be used to create ambiance outdoors. If you’ve developed a particular style in your home, why not think about bringing it outdoors too? Salvage yards and thrift shops are packed with great items ready to be repurposed for the garden – I love planting in old enamel sinks – and there are loads of great garden craft projects that are fun for all the family.

Match your colour palettes: It can be tempting to just throw together a mish-mash of colours and designs when thinking about decorating your garden, but it’s really effective to choose a colour palette and stick to it. You might like to select a few colours from your indoor furniture textiles when picking your patio cushions to give a nice, consistent effect. A can of outdoor paint in a complementary colour to your indoor scheme can revitalise outdoor furniture or feature walls.

I’ve written in more detail about selecting your garden furniture here.

Bring some ambiance: Your outdoor space can serve as a fresh air haven, no matter the size or location. Indoors, you may like to light a scented candle or turn on a soft lamp when you’re settling in for the evening, so why not bring that ambiance outdoors? Carefully planned garden lighting can make such a difference to your space – read my blog here for a detailed run-down on selecting the right lighting for your garden. Natural light like braziers, torches, candles and lanterns add a romantic, cosy feel that’ll see you sitting out well after darkness falls!

Think shelter: Unfortunately, our great British weather can’t always be relied upon, so it’s a good idea to incorporate a bit of shelter into your garden planning. This can be anything as simple as an awning, to a full-on conservatory or garden room. If you’re not planning to splash the cash, simply invest in a large garden umbrella to shade or shelter your patio furniture and extend your outdoor enjoyment. For a larger, more long-term project, there are loads of fantastic ideas out there for unique garden rooms – I love all the creative ideas in this article from Garden Affairs.