Love Your Garden Episode 1: Land Girls!

Love Your Garden Episode 1: Land Girls!

Series 6 is here!

The inspiration and plants used in this week's garden.

First episode, and we have a northern garden! Woohoo! It’s always a real bonus for me getting to do a show close to home, not only because I know the climate which means I know the most suitable plants to use, but also because I’m not the only one with the accent that sticks out like a sore thumb!  This garden was filmed in Hull for a lovely lady called Iris.

Love Your Garden Episode 1: Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill with Iris and friend

The sun shone and we transformed both the front and back garden for her, using stories of her life and her passions as inspiration for the design. One of my favorite parts of the show was meeting her friends who were land girls in the Second World War – it was such a pleasure and I loved listening to their stories, hearing their songs and getting to know them.

One of my projects in the garden was to plant up an old tin bath so it looked like it was full of bubbles and suds. I was so pleased with the results – it looked incredible and alongside the steel buckets full of patriotic coloured plants it paid a wonderful tribute to Iris’s time as a land girl.

Plants in Iris' garden, as planted in Episode 1 of ITV's Love Your Garden

I never thought we would create a garden with a bath, dance floor, chandeliers, and a selection of chimneys! But we did… and it looked amazing. I even got to teach Alan a bit of the foxtrot whilst testing out the dancefloor.

These are some of the plants we used. It’s amazing how many varieties can go in one small garden!

Geranium Samobor is a great variety for planting in shade.

Berberis are a tough shrub and come in a variety of foliage colours, they also provide a superb wildlife habitat.

Papaver orientale (oriental poppy) once flowered are best if you cut the whole plant back to only a couple of inches – it will send up new fresh green leaves that will look much smarter than its previous ones.

‘Diabolo’ purple physocarpus has lovely cream flowers in early summer. Plant next to something with contrasting foliage to lift it.

Plants in wall hanging baskets for Episode 1 of ITV's Love Your Garden

Nepeta flower for a long time however most varieties attract cats (it’s otherwise known as catmint), so choose wisely.

Euphorbias these have incredible bracts that give lots of interest over the year. Be careful when cutting back as the sap is very poisonous, and make sure you have the right amount of room for whatever variety you choose, as some can be vigorous.

Lamprocapnos spectabilis (formally known as Dicentra) is a favourite among many, and good for providing early colour.

Kerria Japonica Pleniflora is a vigorous plant, so give it room. It has sunny yellow flowers in early summer but will send up lots of suckers as it matures.

See you next week!