Love Your Garden Episode 2: Kids’ corner

Love Your Garden Episode 2: Kids’ corner

Rain, hail and snow: close call!

The inspiration and plants used in this week's garden.

Rain, hailstones and snow really put the pressure on for episode two of this season’s Love Your Garden. I don’t think I have ever been as cold whilst filming and I seriously doubted that we would pull it off as the weather was so against us, but we did it (by the skin of our teeth) and revealed the garden just before the sun went down. Phew!

The kids' area of the garden from episode 2 of Love Your Garden with Katie Rushworth

I was in charge of creating somewhere for the kids to escape to which is right up my street! I made a little hideaway behind the outdoor building we put up and planted around it with lots of plants that would tolerate a bit of being trampled on or a ball been thrown at them. Let’s run through the plants chosen for this week’s garden.

In the kids’ area we had:

Thyme. This is a great herb for growing in poor soils, as well as a tasty kitchen accompaniment.

Mint. This will happily romp away of its own accord if allowed to grow freely, so place it in a tub if you don’t have the space for it to take over. Excellent for mint sauce (and summer mojitos!).

Campanula – this plant with lovely blue flowers will self-seed, so make sure you plant it somewhere you won’t mind new seedlings showing up.

The garden showing plinth, sundial and shrubs from episode 2 of ITV's Love Your Garden

There are endless varieties of Heuchera: if you choose one with a plum coloured foliage go for one with more pink than brown tones in the foliage, as they tend to be better performing plants.

Choisya has gorgeous pretty flowers and a lovely scent. A great easy shrub!

Fatsia japonica (otherwise known as paper plant) is a great plant that will tolerate some shade, but it can get quite big so make sure you allow room.

Willow stems were used for the wigwam, this will start to re-grow over the spring and summer months. Should it start to get unruly, just clip it back to the shape you want.

The rest of the garden and Alan’s borders:

Vibernum popcorn in the garden featured on episode 2 of ITVs Love Your Garden

Vibernums are another group of wonderful shrubs with great flowers. I like using Vibernum tinus Eve Price as it also gets lovely berries, which the birds like.

Pieris has wonderfully vibrant new foliage and delicate cream flowers. Some varieties can get really big, so check the label before you buy. They also like acidic soil, so if your garden isn’t acidic I would suggest growing a smaller variety in a container with ericaceous compost.

See you again next week!