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Work with me

Work with me: Garden mentor services

Bespoke year-round garden planning services in the north of England

I love to travel the country, give talks and film for my job, and variety is the spice of life! Making gardens up and down the country has given me so many opportunities to learn that I’d like to share my knowledge and experience with other garden lovers. So, I’m proud to announce a very special idea that’s been close to my heart for some time; garden mentoring.

So, how does it work?

I’ll work with you in the comfort of your own home to create a plan for planting and shaping your plot. Perhaps you’re lacking inspiration, or feel that you’re out of your depth? Don’t worry! This is a supported, hands-on gardening solution that’ll help you get your garden thriving. Depending on your needs we’ll discuss appropriate plants to choose, when to plant them, garden design and more, and I’ll offer the level of support you need in growing the garden of your dreams. Through the process I’ll be on hand with email advice, and call by to lend a hand in person when needed.

My passion is really getting to know and understand the ecology of a site, and sharing that knowledge with you. You’ll get a garden that’s green, lush and productive for years to come, and the know-how to keep it thriving.

A mentor agreement is a not a one off design project but a longer term partnership for clients who view their garden as a continuous project. It’s perfect for those who wish to learn all the skills necessary to plan, develop and sustain their outdoor spaces throughout the seasons, and the years.

Each mentor relationship is bespoke and so fees depend on the amount of time you require. However, a minimum 12 month agreement is required.

If you have a passion for gardening, and prefer hands on learning, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with me today, and let’s talk about how we can achieve your garden goals together.

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